We do not accept orders from GrubHub

We have had a several issues with Grub Hub....

Hi everyone! We just want to let everyone know that we do not accept orders from Grubhub.  We have had delivery service with them between 2016 – 2017.  We had too many problems with them from wrong menu items being displayed (sometimes they put items that we never had on our menu!), commissions being too high (they advertise their commission rate to be 20+%, but hit you with “fees” that makes the total commission being 50%+), and a poor customer service.

Although we have terminated delivery contract with them, they have started sending their driver with a corporate card to directly buy foods from us and then deliver to their customers. Again, we do not have a contract with GrubHub.  We do not feel comfortable them representing our business without any legal agreements.  

Aside from their shady business practice, we recently had  a rude Grubhub driver refusing to wear a mask and treating our crew rather poorly.  We decided decline all the orders through Grub Hub.


Delivery orders available through Caviar & Postmates

We do accept delivery orders via Postmates & Caviar.  You can also call-in at the cart (503)572-0425 or order online here for pickup orders.

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