Due to the popular demand, our Miso ramen is back from November through February.  I often hear from my customers that they wished that we offer Ramen throughout a year, and I wish we could!  The limited space is one of the few downsides of operating a food cart. It is difficult to keep up with regular items during the peak seasons.  (We often run out of food before closing time, even with double and triple prepping in busy summer days.)  Only during the slow and quite winter season, I have a time & space to cook up extra items like porkbelly chashu, ajitamago (marinated soft-boiled eggs), and the pickled baby corn (new additionl this year).

Frequently asked questions about Ramen

Q. What is the broth?

A. We do Miso broth.  Except for the pork belly option in which a little bit of pork fat is added to the broth, our broth has no animal product (vegan).  

Q. Is Ramen Gluten-Free?

A. No.  Ramen is a wheat noodle made with “kansui” that gives the wheat noodle the distinct yellow color and the chewy texture.  People often get Ramen confused with Pho, which is a vietnamese rice noodle soup.