Beer Porch

Many new carts at St Johns Beer Porch in Summer 2020

*** All those new carts popped up in the past few weeks and I have not checked their names, hours, details yet.  I will update as I venture out more in our own pod***

Here are the list of new carts!

  1. Beaux Berry (Ice cream)
  2. Sila Thai (Thai food)
  3. Italian (sorry, haven’t checked on their names yet)
  4. BBQ (sorry, haven’t checked on their names yet )
  5. Tibetan (sorry, haven’t checked on their names yet)

Beaux berry came back! (yes!) I am tortured by the smell of their fresh baked waffle cones everyday.  (so good!)

Sila Thai moved from the neighboring POD, and their cart  may look familiar to some of you 😉

Italian, BBQ, Tibetan foods are brand new to our cart! I have not tried their foods yet, but I’m excited for the diversity of choices the POD now offers to our visitors.

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