June 15 2020: New Hours & News updates on online orders

Our new hours are Monday – Thursday 12pm – 7:30pm (no change here) & Friday through Sunday 12pm – 2:30pm & 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

We decided to close during the midday on Friday – Sunday to re-prep and/or rest our equipment and staff in the afternoon. We have experienced higher sales volume (thank you everyone!) for the past few weeks, especially on the weekends. We made a change to better serve everyone.

Online orders: website, caviar, postmates hours

We cut off all the online app orders at 2:30pm on Friday – Sunday. Don’t worry, we still do accept call orders for pick-up for all open hours. We are super beings that can do lots of cooking, but there are reasonable sales volume we can process in a small food cart with max. two people operating at a time, keeping our quality of our food and exercising a safe practice! We love cooking and serving our community. Thank you for letting our experience enjoyable everyday by supporting our business.

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