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Food Cart List Updates at the St Johns Beer Porch

Grind Coffee & Hashed out is closed

After 6 years in service, the Grind Coffe has closed its door this September.  I am going to miss their Juice, Smoothie, and Espresso.  But hey, we are now offering drip coffee from Caffe D’arte! So don’t worry, you can still get coffee from 9am-5pm Wednesday through Sunday at our cart 😉

Hashed out has closed its door also this month, and their cart is currently on sale! (Anyone interested in starting your food cart?)

New Cart is in the works....

The Grind Coffee cart is now sold and is going to be a sandwitch cart! Yay!

So here is the New List of Carts...


Beaux Berry Ice Cream



Falafel House

Pizza Creature

El Burrito Mojado

Thai Bodian 

Soup Ah Sandwitch

St Johns Wings


Arlos Fish & Chips

So there are still few newer carts that I have not created a photo collage for (Clypso, St Johns Wings, Soup Ah Sandwitch).  I will totally get to it in the near future!  

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