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What’s New with DeHomis in April 2020

Hi everyone!  Are you spending extra time on internet, running out of articles to read, shows to watch, getting sick of your friend’s selfies and updates?  Here is my contribution to the reservoir of meaningless online armature writings! (You’re welcome.)

Our food carts and others are still open at St Johns Beer Porch

Despite our lovely neighborhood of St  Johns being a ghost town due to the ongoing state-wide shut down, Dehomis & other food carts in Beer Porch are still open for take-outs and deliveries.


With all the picnic tables turned upside down and the unfinished plumbing work since the pre-pandemic era, our pod looks a bit apocalyptic. Don’t be scared.  The most of the carts are still open and the waiting time for your food is very short.  Just swing by during your essential workout duty.  Your safe distance is guaranteed.  Or better, if you place your order via call or online-order ahead of time, your waiting period and the human contact is near zero.  We also offer delivery order via postmates.

Just in case you missed it....

Once again, our empty pod made it to the local news!  (The local news came to visit during the heat-apocalypse of summer 2017.  It was about no cart being open due to the heat.)  This time, their story is about our pod owner waiving our April rent to help us out during the pandemic.  We are very thankful for that!  Also, thank you KATU news for the free publicity.  Please come back to do a segment on us being packed in the near future.

We shorten our business hours...for now

To stay open without completely going into the red, we adjusted our open hours. We are now open from Wednesday through Saturday, 11am to 8pm.  Stop by to get a cup of coffee or miso when you’re walking by.



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