What we serve

We specialize in Gyoza, Japanese pot-stickers and Karaage, Japanese fried chicken.  Both are my childhood favorite.  Our gyozas are hand wrapped and made from scratch.  The pork gyoza is filled with pork, cabbage, onions, garlic & ginger.  They can be served either pan fried or deep fried.  We get our meat from a local meat market, Western Meat Market in North Portland.  They have been our business partner since we opened in 2016, and provide quality meat.

Who we are

Hi! I am Hitomi, the owner, operator, writer of this website.  I am originally from Japan.  I moved here when I was 19, finished college, have worked as an actuary for eight years before moving to Portland with my sidekick Shiba-inu (a.k.a the dodge dog) in 2015 to pursue my ultimate dream: make living out of what makes me happy.  I met my partner / accomplice in crime, Denon soon after moving to Portland.  We joked about starting a food cart with our power couple name, Denon + Hitomi = DeHomis, and somehow the joke came into a reality within a year.

Denon is the other half of DeHomis.  He worked as a wild land firefighter and arborist/tree climber before opening a food cart with me for ten years.  He has helped launching our business from 2016 -2017.  Since then, he has moved onto become a professional tour guide.  For our Japanese culture fans, our blog features photos, YouTube videos, and stories from his adventure in Japan.  

Andre is the manager of Dehomis.  He has been working with us since 2017.  He has worked in the food industry for over a decade.  In my opinion, he is the best dressed cook in the entire Portland.  We are fortunate to have him as a leader of our crew.  When you come visit, you will most likely be greeted by his warm smile!