What we serve

we specialize in Gyoza, Japanese pot-stickers and Karaage, Japanese fried chicken.  Both are my childhood favorite.  Our gyozas are hand wrapped and made from scratch.  The pork gyoza is filled with local juicy pork, cabbage, onions, garlic & ginger.  They can be served either pan fried or deep fried.

Who we are

It is a bit long but an epic story how we came to open this food cart.  The short version is this:  In the summer of 2015, a thirty something Japanese girl quits her office job, moved to Portland with her dog.  Not even a month later, she meets a dude, gets engagegd & married all in the next few months, then joked it would be so much fun to open a food cart togeter and called it DeHomis (Denon + Hitomi, our silly power couple name that we came up with. And yes, of course we were drunk.). And we kind of made it happen in the following year of 2016! (Maybe I will share more of that story in the blog section someday.)