4/27/2020 Hours Update for this week

We have been changing business hours every week to weather through the pandemic time 2020. The sales & foot traffics at the food cart pod vastly vary day to day. One thing that I have been noticing is that everyone who has been visiting has been extra kind & generous. It almost feels like Christmas time. (If you are one of our regulars, you know how much we love Christmas. We obnoxiously play Christmas music even in the middle of July.) So thank you, everyone. We do appreciate your kindness. This is our fourth summer at the St Johns Beer Porch. The pod would be usually flooded by hundreds of tourists by now, especially with all the sunny days we have been blessed with. Slower spring hasn’t been so bad with so much time to actually enjoy the spring breathes by the window, and get to see my new regulars who are essential workers who now have limited lunch options. Hope everyone else is enjoying the extra time in hand 🙂


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