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2020 Travel Japan Series Vol.2: A half day trip in Asakusa, Tokyo

When you think of traveling Japan, especially in the Tokyo area, you will at least hear about Sensoji in Asakusa. Here are some photos from the area. This temple is a tourist spot for Japanese & Tokyo locals. I myself have visited here a few times as a teenager. Aside from the beautiful temple buildings and, statues, there are a line of traditional Japanese craft stores, street food vendors that had been there for hundreds of years.

I remembered the place being always busy with locals and Japanese tourists. (Just like rural Americans visiting New York, some Japanese do make Tokyo as a tourist destination. Big cities like Tokyo and Osaka are vastly different from the majority of Japanese cities or towns.)  When I visited here in 2019, I was stunned by the increased numbers of foreign tourists in the area. In attempt to accommodate those global tourists, I heard & saw broken English everywhere in the area, which was new to me and I found it very cute.

These beautiful pictures are all taken by Denon.  If you are big on taking cool pictures,  there are many treasures scattered around the area.

Here is the 10 minute video of him taking a rickshaw ride tour in Asakusa. 

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