We specialize in Gyoza, Japanese Pot-Stickers, and Karaage (Ka-ra-a-ge), Japanese Deep Fried Chicken.  Both are my childhood favorites that my family perfected over the years.  Enjoy the authentic Japanese everyday food in our lovely St Johns neighborhood.  

We are located at 7316 N Lombard St, Portland OR 97203.  

Our cart sits in St Johns Beer Porch where currently 10+ food carts reside in.

Please check our instagram & facebook posts for the latest hours.  As we are essecially an outdoor restaurant, we do have to close at times due to temperatures and other factors.  Thank you so much for your support.

Open: Wednesday – Saturday

9am – 8pm


9am – 4pm

Closed: Monday & Tuesday


Pick up & Delivery

Please call 503 (572) 0425 for pick up orders.  We recommend calling ahead for a larger order of three or more plates also.  Please visit our menu page.

We currently offer delivery through postmates.

All the food is prepared from scratch right here in our food cart.  Our meat  comes from awesome local butcher, Western Meat Market.  (Their chicken comes from Draper Valley Farms & pork is from Carlton farm.)  Yes, our gyozas are all hand wrapped everyday, and cooked to order.  My favorite is traditional pork gyoza with lots of cabbage, onions, and garlic & ginger.  It is served with the simple soy-vinegar sauce & my famous home made chili oil.  There also a vegetarian/vegan option of gyoza available with Shiitake, carrots, onions flavored with sweet miso.  Please enjoy the aunthentic Japanese comfort food.   They go very well with Beer!

Karaage is a Japanese boneless fried chicken.  Ours are made with dark meat marinated in soy, sake, ginger, garlic, covered in potato starch and deep fried to perfection.  They are super crunchy outside & juicy & well seasoned inside.  Paired with our original spicy mayo, these fried chicken is to die for.