You can place an online order, or call 503 (572) 0425.  You can also place pickup orders from Caviar or Postamte, but it would be 30% cheaper ordering directly from us for a pickup.  

*As of 6/15/2020, we are cutting off online order at 2:30pm on Friday – Sunday to accommodate higher sales volume.  You can still place an order via call-in!m


We are currently open Monday – Sunday.  Hours changes on weekly basis to accommodate changing environment of 2020 😉  I apologize in advance for not being able to  updating hours on facebook, googles, etc in time.

Please check our Blog Post for the updated hours. You can click the image below to jump over to the business hours page.



See our Menu Page for our regular & seasonal specials and more!  You can always call ahead of time for pick-up order.  Delivery is available via postmates.